Themo-Plate™ Platters

Sixty-eight years ago, we carried out the first sizzling plate of food on our patented Thermo-Plate™ Platters. Table service has never been the same. Now, hot foods stay steamy and cold foods stay chilled—even through dinner conversation.


  • Platters and inserts sold as sets or individually
  • Constructed from black polyester and 403 gauge stainless steel
  • Stackable design
  • Polyester platter made in the USA


LO125BLCHalf Plate Original Complete TP
LO12BLCLarge Original Complete TP
OT11BLCOriginal Complete TP
RO117BLACOval Aluminum w/ Handles Complete TP
RO117BLCOval Stainless w/ Handles Complete TP
RO128BLCOval Stainless no Handles Complete TP
RT1025BLCX-Large Round Complete TP
RT10BLCLarge Round Complete TP
RT701BLCSmall Round Complete TP
RT7BLCSmall Round Slope Complete TP
FP1BLACSmall Fish Stainless Complete TP
FP1BLCSmall Fish Aluminum Complete TP
FP3BLCLarge Fish Stainless Complete TP


LO125SSHalf Insert for Large Original Holder
LO12BLLarge Original Platter Holder
LO12SSInsert for Large Original Platter Holder
OT11BLOriginal Platter Holder
OT11SSInsert for Original Platter Holder
RO117BLOval w/ Handles Platter Holder
RO128BLOval no Handles Platter Holder
RO128SSInsert for Oval Holder
RT1025BLX-Large Round Platter Holder
RT1025SSInsert for X-Large Round Holder
RT10BLLarge Round Platter Holder
RT10SSInsert for Large Round Holder
RT701BLSmall Round Platter Holder
RT7BLSmall Round Slope Platter Holder
RT7SSInsert for Small Round Holders
RTO10SSOyster Insert for Large Round Holder
FP1-RO117SSInsert for Oval and Fish Holders
FP1-RO117ALInsert for Oval and Fish Holders
FP1BLSmall Fish Shaped Platter Holder
FP3BLLarge Fish Shaped Platter Holder
FP3SSInsert for Large Fish Holder