Shakers & Caddies

Available with mesh, teardrop, standard and multi-hole tops, these shakers can be as versatile as you need in an easy-to-clean stainless steel construction.


  • Pad printed options available to identify contents
  • Multiple shaker tops
  • Great for coffee shops and condiment bars
  • Available with or without the caddy
  • Dishwasher safe


STCMESHPSUGRCond Shaker, Mesh Top, Powdered Sugar
STCMULTICond Shaker, Multihole Top
STCMULTICINNCond Shaker, Multihole Top, Cinnamon
STCTEARCond Shaker, Teardrop Top
STCTEARCOCOACond Shaker, Teardrop Top, Cocoa
STOCFCRShaker Set Cinn./ Nutmeg/Cocoa/Van.
STOCFFShaker Set, 4 Plain
STOSPSHV2Salt and Pepper Shakers w/ Caddy


STOSPPARTSReplacement Bottom Plug for Shakers
STOH2V22-Shaker Holder
STOH44-Shaker Holder