Mod18 Steelworks Tableware

The MOD18 Steelworks line offers stunning solutions for your table set-ups — it’s everything you need to coordinate the perfect setting! All pieces are made out of 18/8 stainless steel and are dishwasher safe. Each piece is available with a brushed or polished finish. Mix and match them to make a unique look.


  • Double wall pitchers
  • Bread baskets
  • Double wall serving bowls
  • Table accessories
  • Flower vases
  • Sugar packet holders


SB/SM-1Double Wall Ice Bucket
SB/SM-26" Ice Tong
SB/SM-3Champagne Bucket
SB/SM-4Bucket Stand
SB/SM-5Wine Chiller
SB/SM-25Condiment Creamer, 5 oz.
SB/SM-26Condiment Creamer, 9 oz.
SB/SM-40Solid Round Tray
SB/SM-41Narrow Tray
SB/SM-42Large Tray
SB/SM-43Medium Tray
SB/SM-47Perforated Round Tray
SB/SM-44Double Wall Serving Bowl
SB/SM-45Double Wall Serving Bowl
SB/SM-46Double Wall Serving Bowl
SB/SM-60Sugar Stick Holder
SB/SM-61Sugar Packat Holder
SB/SM-62Sugar Bowl with Lid
SB/SM-65Salt & Pep Shakers
SB/SM-66Salt & Pep Caddy Set
SB/SM-72Snack Bowl
SB/SM-73Oil & Vinegar Caddy Only
SB/SM-74Sugar & Milk Caddy Only
SB/SM-67Napkin Rings 4 Pack
SB/SM-68Bud Vase
SB/SM-69Flower Vase
SB/SM-71Candle Holder