Hot Solutions™ Platters

Nothing takes a steaming skillet from stovetop to tabletop like the Hot Solutions™ Skillets. Use them with our Hot Solutions™ Platters for a presentation that will have your guests in awe when you serve them their sizzling plate of food. Designed to withstand temperatures up to 500°F, the lightweight insulation of the Original Hot Solutions Platter ensures that your table stays cool, but the food stays hot. Waitstaff will appreciate the ease and lightweight service of the Hot Solutions Birchwood Holders and Skillets. Available as complete sets or sold separately.


  • The Hot Solutions Platters hold a 10 x 7 in. oval skillet
  • Ceramic core traps heat at 200°F
  • Dishwasher safe
  • The Hot Solutions Fajita is a lightweight platter
  • Aluminum or cast iron skillets
  • Fits standard fajita skillets


HS13BL318" Holder, use with 1016266
HS15BL215" Holder, use with RP18
SK107BHCBirch Holder with SK10CIH Skillet


1016266Oval Cast Iron Skillet
RP18Round Cast Iron Inset
SK107BHBirch Holder
SK107CAAluminum Skillet Insert w/ Handle
SK10CIHCast Iron Skillet Insert w/ Handle