Server Accessories

Sleeves and Flavor Bands

Easily identify the contents of your servers with one of our server accessory options. Catch their eye with a colorful ID Sleeve, available in 5 colors. Pad printed black ink on silicon rubber sleeves that will stretch to fit most servers 3.5”–4” in diameter. Works with S2SN, NKN and SJ carafes. Our Flavor Bands are designed for 4" diameter carafes. Includes 7 colored individual flavor bands as noted. An easy alternative to custom printing. Made with non-toxic rubber.


Flavor ID Bands

  • Available in 7 colors and styles
  • Durable ABS plastic, BPA free


ID Sleeves

  • Silicon rubber sleeves
  • Available in 5 styles and colors
  • Small 2X1 and regular 3.5X1.75


FBCOLDVARFlavor Band Cold Variety 3PK
FBCREAMFlavor Band-Cream, White
FBDECAFFlavor Band-Decaf, Orange
FBHALF&HALFFlavor Band-Half & Half, White
FBHOTWATERFlavor Band-Hot Water, Red
FBNONFATMILKFlavor Band-Non Fat Milk, White
FBREGULARFlavor Band-Regular, Black
FBSKIMFlavor Band-Skim, White
FBSOYMILKFlavor Band-Soy Milk, White
FBTEAFlavor Band-Tea, Green
IDS21GRN2X1 ID Sleeve, 4PK, Green
IDS21PUR2X1 ID Sleeve, 4PK, Purple
IDS21VARPK12X1 ID Sleeve, Variety PK,
IDS35BLU2M3.5X1.75 ID Sleeve, 2% Milk, Blue
IDS35BLUSKIM3.5X1.75 ID Sleeve, Skim Milk, Lt Blue
IDS35GN1M3.5X1.75 ID Sleeve, 1% Milk, Green
IDS35PURHH3.5X1.75 ID Sleeve, Half & Half, Purple
IDS35RDWM3.5X1.75 ID Sleeve, Whole Milk, Red
IDS35VARPK3.5X1.75 ID Sleeve, Variety PK,