Glass Teapots

Classic Round Shape

For the freshest cup of tea, brew your favorite loose tea in one of our Glass Tea Pots. Our Classic Tea Press as a traditional look, while our Black Tea Ball has a modern, asymetrical design.


  • Removable infuser baskets
  • Glass body to view contents
  • Portion spoon for loose-leaf tea
  • Dishwasher safe liner


T600CCTea/Coffee Press 20 oz (0.6 liter), Chrome
TB600CCCoffee/Tea Ball 20 oz (0.6 liter), Black


TL4Glass Liner for T600CC 20 oz (0.6 liter), Clear
TB600BDYOuter Shell/Body for TB600CC, Black
TB600BKSCOOPPlastic Scoop for TB600CC, Black
TB600BSKInfuser Basket for TB600CC, Steel
TB600COLCollar for TB600CC, Steel
TB600LIDLid for TB600CC, Black
TB600LNRGlass Liner for TB600CC, Clear