Elite Stainless Touch Carafe

Vacuum Insulated Carafes

Enhanced with a high polished finish and a chrome-painted plastic lid and handle, to give the Elite Stainless Touch push button carafe a high-end feel. Great for fine dining and room service.


  • Stay-clean lid
  • 4–6 hours of temperature retention
  • Polished stainless exterior
  • Chrome painted plastic lid
  • Hand wash only


LVP67Stainless Vacuum Server, 20 oz (0.6 liter), Polished
LVP1000Stainless Vacuum Server, 33.8 oz (1 liter), Polished
LVP1500Stainless Vacuum Server, 50.7 oz (1.5 liter), Polished


LVPLIDPuhs Lid for LVP Server, Chrome Plastic
LVPLIDDPuhs Lid for LVP Server, Decaf, Orange
LVPORINGGasket Oring for LVP Lids