Double Wall Glass Press

Press To Impress

Give a stunning presentation with the Double Wall Glass Press, our only glass French press with double wall construction to keep the exterior cool and the coffee warm. Your guests will be entertained and delighted while watching the spiraling coffee grounds through the all-glass body. It’s a great way to end an elegant meal.


  • Double wall construction keeps exterior cool to the touch
  • All glass construction
  • 3-piece screen system
  • Dishwasher safe body,


T299SRGlass Press 13.5 oz (0.4 liter)
T499SRGlass Press 20 oz (0.6 liter)
T899SRGlass Press 27 oz (0.8 liter)


PDWSCREEN3Glass Liner for Brick Press, 11.8 oz (0.35 liter)
PDWSCREEN8Glass Liner for Brick Press, 20 oz (0.6 liter)
PDWSCREEN1Glass Liner for Brick Press, 27 oz (0.8 liter)
 Glass Liner for Brick Press, 33.8 oz (1 liter)