Cold Brew 'N' Serv™

Enhance your cold brew presentation with the Cold Brew ‘N’ Serv System. It includes a simple yet innovative brew basket that turns our CBDT3SS Cold Beverage Dispenser into an all-in-one cold brew coffee maker and dispenser. Easy to use with minimal handling makes this cold brew system sanitary and mess-free.


  • Patent pending brew basket
  • Designed to drain into the dispenser, not on your counter
  • Holds 3 lbs. of coffee grounds, yielding just under 3 gallons of cold brew coffee
  • Simple design requires minimal handling for sanitary brewing
  • Containers sold separately for multi-batch brewing
  • Tritan™ plastic container wont stain after repeated use with coffee grounds


CBNS3SSCold Brew 'N' Serv™ System, 3 Gallon (384 oz) 17.5 X 8.25 X 20
CBNS3BSKTCold Brew 'N' Serv™ Basket, 3 lbs 13.75 X 7 X 6.75


ITSLC35LIDReplacement Lid, Clear
CBNS3BSKTONLYReplacement Basket Only
CBNS3HNDLReplacement Handles
CBNS3LIDReplacement Basket Lid
CBDCONTTritan™ Plastic Container
CBDCONTKITContainter, Spigot, and Lid