SVAP Stainless Vacuum Airpots

Stainless Vacuum Insulated Airpots

Our SVAP Stainless-Lined Airpot features a locking mechanism on the black plastic lid that protects you and your customers when transporting full units. Double wall, stainless steel construction with vacuum insulation to keep contents warm for 4–6 hours.


  • NSF listed body and lid
  • 4–6 hours of temperature retention
  • Unique locking mechanism for safe transportation
  • Orange decaf lids available
  • Lever and pump lids
  • 5-year warranty


SVAP25LStainless Steel Vacuum Lever, 2.5 Liter (84.5 oz.)
SVAP25PStainless Steel Vacuum Pump, 2.5 Liter (84.5 oz.)
SVAP30LStainless Steel Vacuum Lever, 3.0 Liter (101.4 oz.)
SVAP30PStainless Steel Vacuum Pump, 3.0 Liter (101.4 oz.)
SVAP38CPLStainless Steel Vacuum Lever, 3.8 Liter (128.5 oz.)


SVAPLLLever Lid for SVAP25, 30, 38, Black
SVAPLLDDecaf Lever Lid f/SVAP25,30,38, Black and Orange
SVAPPLPump Lid for SVAP25, 30, 38, Black
SVAPPLDDecaf Pump Lid f/SVAP25,30,38, Black and Orange
SVAPSP25SVAP Suction Pipe, 2.5 Liter
SVAPSP30SVAP Suction Pipe, 3.0 Liter
SVAPSP38SVAP Suction Pipe, 3.8 Liter