EconomyPlus Airpots

Fits Nicely in Our Airpot Cover-Ups

Our EconomyPlus Airpot has additional height and fits our Airpot Cover-Up. It is available with stainless or glass vacuum insulation with either a classic push button or lever pump lid.


  • Stainless vacuum has heat retention of 4–6 hours
  • Glass vacuum has heat retention of 6–8 hours
  • Available with pump or lever lid
  • Durable stainless exterior
  • Handwash only


AXS25Glass Vacuum Pump Lid, 1.9 Liter (64.2 oz.)
AYS25Glass Vacuum Lever Lid, 1.9 Liter (64.2 oz.)
AXS30SStainless Vacuum Pump Lid, 3.0 Liter (101.4 oz.)
AYS30SStainless Vacuum Lever Lid, 3.0 Liter (101.4 oz.)


AXSPLPump Lid for AXS25/AXS30S
AXSPLDDecaf Pump Lid AXS25/AXS30S
AYSLLLever Lid for AYS25/AYS30S
AYSLLDDecaf Lever Lid AYS25/AYS30S
RLAXS25Glass Liner, 2.5 Liter
SPAXS25Suction Pipe for AXS25
SPAYS30Suction Pipe for AYS30S