Airpot Identification

Chains, Magnets and Static Clings

Service Ideas offers many ways to identify the contents of your airpots for a variety of applications. Use the ID chains for our Urns and Airpot Cover-Ups and the Magnets and Static Clings on a variety of airpots.


ID Chains

  • 25" metal chain with placard, ideal for Airpot Cover-Ups
  • Printed on placards with a brushed stainless steel finish
  • Reusable and easy to clean
  • Made in the USA


Magnetic Oval IDs

  • Magnetic oval design make these a cost-effective alternative to pad printing or laser etching
  • Available individually
  • Oval shaped to contour the airpot
  • Made in the USA


Coffee Bean Magnets

  • Attention-grabbing design features coffee beans along with the most popular blends of coffee
  • Work great with our Complete Roto Rack System.
  • Made in the USA


Static Clings

  • Clear design gives the appearance of pad printing or laser etching
  • Sold in sets of 5
  • Works with a variety of stainless-shell airpots
  • Versatile option for identifying airpot contents
  • Made in the USA


IDCHCFID Chain Coffee Chrome
IDCHDEID Chain Decaf Chrome
IDCHHWID Chain Hot Water Chrome
IDVARID Chain Variety Pack Chrome, Coffee, Decaf, Hot Water
MFT____Set of 6 Magnetic Oval Tags
MTCB1__Set of 6 Rectangle Coffee Print Magnetic Tags
MT____Set of 6 Rounded Rectangle Tags
MT1VPBVariety Pack of 14 Rectangle Tags
SC1CBCLStatic Clings: Half & Half, 2% Milk, Cream, Milk
SC1HBCLStatic Clings: House Blend, Hot Water, Decaf, Regular
SC1CCCLStatic Clings: Hot Chocolate, Hot Cider, Hot Cocoa, Apple Cider
SC1VPABCLStatic Clings: 1 Each of All Clings