What a remarkable industry!

I don’t know about you but I blinked and July was over – and now here we are closing out the summer.

Named Best State Fair - the  Great MN Get Together! Named Best State Fair - the Great MN Get Together!

How has yours been? Are you enjoying vacations, lazy days, nice weather, family and friends? It seems like summer brings more social activities and entertaining than other seasons; concerts, weddings, graduations, reunions, golf tournaments and fairs. Or maybe spontaneous get togethers; BBQ’s, beach days, art shows, outdoor movies and ball games. Have you created a stand out memory of the summer yet – there’s still time!


My family recently had a neighborhood movie night in the back yard, for the first time –                   very fun!!family-movie-night-closeup





As we indulge in our traditions or partake in new activities, do you ever reflect on how great is the industry we serve and provides for our livelihood? It is responsible for much of what we work for, it is our play and escape, the maker of memories. The Foodservice/Hospitality business main objective = happiness and good times. How special can it get then to be a part (and don’t sell short the effect of a table setting, inviting buffet, even how your morning coffee is served) of those few minutes, hours, days or weeks centered around experiences thar are our lives?!

Good to last drop Good to last drop





Bask in your jobs well done and leisure time earned. Hoping your summer closes with unforgettable moments. Did you know...We.Service.Ideas.


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