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why-service-ideasOur main focus for July & August is “Brew It.” Now we don’t mean that in the traditional sense, like with an airpot brewer or a Mr. Coffee machine. We’re thinking more along the lines of hand made coffee, which is becoming an increasingly popular trend in the coffee industry.

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Looking at our catalog, it may not be readily apparent what items would fit within this category — below are some examples of the types of products we’re talking about.

009-Alfi-Filter-GlamourThe Coffee Filter from Alfi® seems like an obvious choice. The concept is simple: a BPA Free plastic coffee filter that rests in the mouth of the carafe. It works with a variety of Alfi® carafes, and has a long spout to ensure there is no accidental spillage when brewing. The handle on the side makes it easy to remove when done, and it works best with Size 4 filters. Below is a video that showcases how easy it is to use (fun fact – it’s in German, so you’ll want to put on the subtitles if you aren’t fluent).

Brick PressWe also offer French Presses, such as our Brick Press, that allow you to steep your coffee or tea to your individual taste level before depressing the filter mechanism in the list to trap the grounds/leaves in the bottom of the press. Not sure how to use a French Press? Note our helpful “How To” guide below.

Brick Press Instructions

If you’re looking for something that’s all stainless, the Coffee Maker from Alfi® is another great option. It utilizes a double wall stainless body to help keep your coffee hot for 1-2 hours and operates the same way as our French Press.


If tea is more your speed, then look no further than Finum®. For the past 160 years, Finum® has positioned itself as an inventive manufacturer of household filters and coffee/tea tools. Their Tea Control system is by far their most popular model, and comes in a variety of sizes to suit your needs. Not sure how it works? Check out this helpful video to learn how to brew with the Tea Control carafe.

HotglassIf you’re looking for a complete set-up, might we suggest accessorizing with the Hot Glass system of double wall insulated glass cups. The heat won’t transfer to your hands or the table, and they are available in 2 sizes.

Bistro2If you are planning to brew just 1 cup of tea, the Tea Glass System and Bistro System may be good choices for you. Each comes with a glass cup and stainless steel tea filter that sits inside the cup during brewing. Both come with a plastic hat that works great during the steeping process, but also, when flipped over, doubles as a drip tray for the filter once you have reached your desired tea strength.

So whether you’re looking for pour over coffee, a French Press, or individual tea methods, we have you covered here at Service Ideas. Which one is your favorite? We’d love to hear from you. Leave us a comment below, or #Tweet to us.

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