Top 5 Spring Products for Outdoor Dining

The snow has melted, the trees are budding, and most importantly, outdoor patios are open! Here's our list of our favorite products to give your customers the ultimate outdoor dining experience.

1. The Mason Jar Tumbler

Our double wall insulated Mason Jar Tumbler won't sweat, even on the warmest of days, and makes a great addition to your outdoor patio. It features a screw-top lid and smoothie-sized drinking straw, great for tropical fruit drinks. All parts are constructed of BPA-free, clear plastic and are dishwasher safe.

2. The ErgoServ® Cold Beverage Pitcher

The ErgoServ® Cold Beverage Pitcher features a condensation-free, double-wall construction designed for beer, water and other cold beverages. The ergonomic handle and no-drip lip allow for a more controlled pour, perfect for passing around a table with friends. A Cleancoat® finish eliminates fingerprints and water spots for a pitcher that will look great all through dinner service. Customize with your logo for a beer pitcher with branding power.

3. Crystal-Iced Dispenser

The Crystal-Iced Beverage Dispensers feature a distinct 12-panelled container, made from BPA free plastic, giving the appearance of glass and the durability of plastic. Housed atop a Romanesque podium, it utilizes a hand-free spigot and removable drip tray. A stainless steel ice tube cools your beverage without dilution. Available in two sizes and finishes with new lower pricing.

4. Magisso® Cooling Ceramics

The Black Line of Self-Cooling Ceramics from Magisso® is a stylish solution to keeping cold things cold with no need to use a bed of ice under your serving container. The matte black surface allows for customization with chalk.

The new White Line of Self-Cooling Ceramics is an extension of the original ceramics with a two-toned look. The shiny white interiors make a beautiful canvas for sushi, small plates and appetizers.

5. Glass Pitcher with Infuser

Infused beverages are gaining popularity and the upcoming warm season is going to heighten the craze even more. This glass pitcher allows you to chill your beverage without dilution or use the optional infuser tube to mix and serve your favorite infused beverages. The crystal clear glass body and black accents show off your creative infusions is sure to be the hit of the party! This item is only available while supplies last and at a great price. Get yours before they're gone!

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