The Flame Free™ Thermo-Urn Unlike any other!

URNVPS2_20150429_0054_kc2Traditionally, in order to serve hot beverages for a long period of time you needed to plug in your urn or use canned heat—or, you had to refill your coffee urns/airpots often. We, at Service Ideas, figured that there had to be a better way! So we put our engineers to work on developing a large capacity, flame-free urn that would keep beverages hot longer.

In 2010, we introduced you to our large capacity Flame Free™ Thermo-Urns™. The only urn on the market that can keep beverages hot for over 6 hours, without the use of external heat sources.

We’ve put our urns to the test, testing each of our Flame-Free urns against an industry standard, foam-insulated 3 Gallon urn. As expected, we found that our urns outperformed the foam-insulated urn and kept the beverage in the optimal drinking temperature (155°-165°F)—even after 6 hours! While the foam urn had a dramatic drop in temperature at the two-hour mark.

URN2 tempurature graph

Constructed from 18/8 Stainless Steel our Flame-Free urns have a stainless vacuum insulation. This insulation results in only an average 3° temperature loss per hour. This means that you can brew into the urn and be done. No more buying, checking, replacing and worrying about flaming cans! Imagine not having to tape down electrical cords so your staff doesn’t trip!


URNVPS2_20150429_0046_kc w_coffeeIn 2014, we redesigned our urn bases to enhance the structural integrity. We created heavy-duty zinc interlocking legs that are bolted to the base of the urn for a more solid experience.

We also know that the spigot is an integral part of an urn. NSF International conducts extensive product assessments to verify the durability, design and safety of everyday products used by consumers against established criteria for each specific product type. We are proud to state that our spigot is NSF Listed.


Available in three sizes—1.5, 3 and 5 Gallons! With a brushed or polished finish and a stunningly contemporary contour, you are sure to create a lasting impression!

URNV2 Brochure 2015V4_15-2

We are so excited about our urns and want you to be as well! We know that it might be hard-to-believe that our urns perform this well, so we encourage you to call one of our representatives for an in-person demonstration!

Here is a list of our foodservice representatives to find out more or for a demonstration.  ServiceIdeas_Reps

Here is a link to our brochure to calculate your savings from switching a canned-heat urn to a Flame-Free Thermo-Urn and to find out more about the Flame Free™ Thermo-Urns.  URNV2 Brochure 2015

Here is a cheat-sheet for amounts to serve for large gatherings that we thought might be useful!  ConsumptionRefGuide






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