Tea Time Done Right with Finum®


Three weeks ago we featured some of Finum®’s new & flagship products on our blog.  In this week’s post we’ll dive more into the new items that we’ve brought into stock this year and go over some of the things that make each of them great in their own right.

HotglassThe Hot Glass System is double wall glass to keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold. These cups come in 2 different sizes and won’t sweat on your table or leave heat marks thanks to the double wall insulation. They work great with the Tea Control™ line of teapots for an all glass look.

Filter Stick Cup_300dpiWe’ve added disposable tea items to our line this year with the Tea Filters & Filter Sticks. The Tea Filters have an expanding base that allows the tealeaves enough room for them to expand and their flavor to truly unfold. The filters themselves are also made from biodegradable materials without any chemicals or dyes, and fit perfectly in tea cups and mugs for individual brewing. The Filter Sticks are made from plastic and are long enough for them to rest comfortably for nearly all mug dimensions. They slide easily through the filter and allow it to rest on the rim of the cup during steeping. If you’re curious to know how this system works, see the 6 Step Diagram below for more clarification.


Bistro2The Bistro System is a self-sustained cup & tea filter system that allows you to brew to your taste without the mess. The plastic hat is ideal for aiding in the steeping process, and when you’ve reached your desired strength, flip it over and place the tea filter on it – instant drip tray! This glass cup is dishwasher safe and also comes in sets of 2 – perfect for sharing.

Now that you know a little bit more about these products, which one are you most excited to try?

For those of you who may be new to drinking tea, and aren’t really sure which type you should try or how you should prepare it – no worries! We put together a series of posts on the 4 main categories of tea and how to prepare them. You can check them out here:

Black Tea Black Tea

Black Tea — most common variety of tea

Black tea is the most widely known and recognized form of tea. Used often in blends of iced tea or “bagged” tea, it contains about 20% of the amount of caffeine you would find in a cup of coffee. It has also been linked to maintaining healthy levels of cholesterol, as well as maintains a healthy cardiovascular and circulatory system.

Green Tea Green Tea

Green Tea — the health enhancer

When green tea was first discovered in China, only the wealthy and elite drank the expensive beverage. It was essential for seafarers since green tea consumption prevented scurvy. Produced primarily in China and Japan, loose green tea typically has 5-10% of the caffeine in an average cup of coffee.

Oolong Tea Oolong Tea

Oolong Tea — the “black dragon tea”

Oolong teas are known for being flavorful & for having sweet aromas. They contain about 15% of the amount of caffeine you would find in a cup of coffee, and can be a healthy part of your weight loss plan by promoting a healthy metabolism and aid in digestion.

White Tea White Tea

White Tea — the most delicate of all teas

White tea was the preferred drink of royalty as far back as the Tang Dynasty in China (618-907 A.D).  White tea has very little caffeine, 1-2% as much caffeine content as one cup of coffee, and brews a light color and flavor.


As always, we welcome your feedback and comments. Let us know which product you’re most excited about – we’d love to hear from you.

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