Space Savings with Stackable Buffetware


We’ve been talking about our Wall concept for a little over a year now, and recently put together a “standard” set-up that is available for purchase. That standard set-up is known as the Totem Pole.

Totem Pole Exploded Diagram Exploded diagram of the Totem Pole set-up

Don’t let the name fool you — our Totem Poles are not constructed from red cedar — but are instead crafted with 18/10 stainless steel with BPA Free plastic containers.

So what is the purpose of the Totem Pole? Well, as the name implies, it is a vertical buffet presentation to offer space savings, especially in areas where counter space is hard to come by.

Each totem starts with a weighted anchor piece (they weigh a whopping 17.2 lbs), and has 4 separate pegs so you can choose where & how you would like to start assembling your set-up.

What comes next is entirely up to you. The standard Totem Pole comes with 2 bowl supports (an 8.25” diameter), a cereal dispenser (3 Liter), a juice dispenser (7 Liter) and an airpot rack (6.25” diameter). Depending on how much counter space you have to work with, you can space your rack out so it is constructed on 2 pegs, or have everything assembled on all 4.

The poles that attach to the different pieces are hollow in the bottom, giving you the flexibility to mix and match them in whatever order you see fit. You can also use everything, or only a couple of pieces at a time depending on what your presentation needs are at any given time.

3.7 Liter with Black Lid 3.7 Liter with Black Lid

Our Totem Pole airpot rack is designed to work with our CTAL series of airpots, and when you order the Complete Totem Pole Wall Concept, it comes with the 3.7 Liter CTAL airpot (CTAL37BL) as part of the kit.

This item is now in stock and available for purchase. Call our Customer Service Team at 800-328-4493 or download the sell sheet for more information on this product.

Do you have one currently? How do you use yours? We’d love to hear from you. Leave us a comment below or #Tweet to us.

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