Off to the Races!

My last blog started with this sentence… "How can it possibly be 'this' time of the year already?!" And it feels even more appropriate at this moment. Is it just me or are you trying to catch your breath, too?

Good challenges are facing us: optimism for the year with every channel, new initiatives rolling out, opportunities to be with customers at shows and conferences… more to do than time in the day. So, how do you balance and prioritize? Have you written your strategy and plans for executing it? Is it possible to simplify the day and cross off those to-dos?

I thought I would share with you our vision. A vision that has helped shape our annual strategy planning in years past - and will continue to do so in the year(s) ahead. Vision states who you are, what you do and where you are going. It provides balance and defines priorities in a simplistic statement.

Our current vision is simple: “We. Service. Ideas."

Over the year we will continually define and talk about what this means to us, and today I want to ask: what does Service Ideas mean to you?

A heartfelt thank you for our history making year! We were rewarded in 2014 with our best year ever and of course it is because you continue to choose the Service Ideas brand and family.


Looking forward to creating new records with you this year.

We. Service. Ideas.


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