We're More Than Just Coffee

Here at Service Ideas, we love coffee; it is our livelihood. But as much as we love coffee, we also know how refreshing an ice-cold beverage is on a hot summer day. Sometimes even a tall glass of lemony ice-water can supply just as much energy as a hot cup o' joe during that 3 o'clock office fatigue.

So now that the fireplaces are shut and the patios are open, it's time to start serving up some refreshing cold beverages. We have solutions for restaurants, caterers, hotels and more. Check out some of our favorite cold-beverage dispensers below.

Stainless Cold Beverage Dispenser


Our most popular large capacity, cold-beverage dispenser.
Perfect for buffet tables and bar tops.

  • BPA Free Plastic Body
  • Removable Infuser Tube
  • Dishwasher Safe Container
  • Stainless Lid and Base
  • Flavor Indicator Stickers

Learn more here.

Kufra Ice Pitcher


The only pitcher in our line with a glass body and a plastic ice tube that chills your drink without dilution.

  • Plastic Ice Tube
  • Attractive Red Lid
  • Plastic Stirring Rod
  • Dishwasher Safe

Learn more here.

Display Stand


Our display stand can display up to three pitchers (sold separately) with a diameter of 6.75" each. Specifically designed for our ice tube pitchers.

  • Constructed from Frosted Acrylic
  • Hand Wash
  • Pitchers Sold Separately

Learn more here.

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