Green Uses for Your Used Coffee Grounds

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Since coffee is such a huge part of our industry, and a big hit here at our office, I decided to investigate ways that you can reuse those coffee grounds that just get thrown out after you brew a pot (or airpot in our case) of coffee.

Below is a list of alternative uses for your spent grounds that may help you reduce the amount of waste you produce. Let us know if you have any other uses we may have missed!


cat in plantGarden Guardian

Coffee grounds are a great way to keep unwanted pests from attacking your azaleas (or tomatoes). If you notice an infestation of ants or slugs, sprinkle spent coffee grounds around the problem areas and you should notice a huge difference.

Coffee grounds are also a great cat repellent. Do you have a naughty kitty that is using your houseplants as their own personal litter box? Add a few tablespoons of used coffee grounds around your plants and Fluffy should get the message.

dishsoapAlamyMean, Green, Cleaning Machine

If you’re trying to clean up some pots and pans that have stuck on gunk, rub spent coffee grounds onto your dirty dishes with a scouring pad. The added abrasion will help to remove the stubbornly stuck food without the aid of harsh chemicals.

rose-garden-pictures-9dhpevz1Feed Your Flowers

Because coffee grounds are so high in acid, they make perfect fertilizer for plants such as tomatoes, carrots, roses, rhododendrons and azaleas. Sprinkle some spent grounds and watch your garden grow.

pepper in fridgeFree Your Fridge (From Odor)

Coffee grounds are a great deodorizer, and an excellent alternative to baking soda when it comes to freshening up your fridge.

For a fresh smelling fridge, allow the used grounds to dry overnight (we recommend spreading them out in a thin layer on a baking sheet or wax paper). In the morning, pour the grounds into an open cup of food container, place in your fridge, and kiss those food odors goodbye!

ce9465492e2bdc09d27ce578a0d4089dPut Your Best Face Forward

Coffee is great for improving your complexion. The caffeine brightens up your skin tone and helps soothe irritated skin.

Give your beauty routine a kick in the pants by mixing coffee grounds with honey or mashed avocado, and apply it to your face in slow, circular motions similar to a face scrub. The coffee acts as a gentle exfoliant, and as an added bonus, the act of washing your face will make your hands silky smooth as well!

dog bathKeep Fido Flea Free

Coffee acts as a natural flea repellant, so next time you give your four legged friend a bath, add some coffee grounds to keep them flea free. Trust us, they’ll thank you for it.


You can find several other uses for your spent coffee grounds online. If you have ones we didn’t mention that you’d like to share, hit us up on our Twitter account or leave us a comment below.

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