Go Green - With Tea That Is

Earth Day may have been April 22nd, but there are ways that you can go green throughout the year. And a surprising number of ways that involve beverages that you probably drink at least once a day.

Have an over-abundance of tea that you know you’ll never drink before it starts to get old? Perfect! Below is a list of a variety of uses you may have never thought of.

Let us know which options you’ve tried, or plan to try, by leaving a comment or tweeting to us. We’d love to hear which ones you’re most excited about.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACold Compress — use a cool, moist tea bag to relieve any of the following: tired eyes, bruises, sunburns, bee stings and mosquito bites.

Hot Compress — warm, wet tea bags can draw out infections, such as: pinkeye, canker sores, fever blisters and plantar warts.

Bath-Body-Care1Flavored Bath — rejuvenate your skin by drawing a hot bath with several used green tea bags. It’ll create an aromatic, skin-softening soak.

rose-garden-pictures-9dhpevz1Garden Feed — open a soaked tea bag when you’re done and sprinkle the contents over your garden. The acidic tannis found in tea is especially good at feeding roses and ferns. It also can enrich existing compost piles if you have them.

PeppermintOdor Eliminator — dried tealeaves are a natural deodorizer. Put some in your garbage can or kitty litter to help suck up the unwanted scents. You can also add them to your favorite essential oils for all-natural air fresheners to place around your home. Handled fish recently? Wash your hands with old tea to help neutralize the smell. You can also use mint tea as an alternative to Listerine for fresh breath.

article-new-thumbnail-ehow-images-a01-vo-14-egg-yolk-hair-conditioner-800x800Leave-in Hair Conditioner — increase the shine in your hair by rinsing it with unsweetened tea. Let your hair dry, then rinse the tea out for more luminous locks.

dishsoapAlamyNatural De-Greaser — have stubborn food particles or grease that won’t come off your dishes or cookware? Soak them in hot water with a few brewed tea bags and leave them sit overnight. The next morning cleanup should be a breeze.

windowcleaningWindow & Glass Cleaner — have smudgy windows, but don’t have any Windex on hand? Rub a damp tea bag over them, or fill a spray bottle with brewed tea and then wipe away.

toilet2Toilet Cleaner — a little birdy told us that used tea bags, if left to soak for several hours in the toilet bowl, will help remove stains. When you feel they’ve soaked for long enough, flush then brush and the stains should go bye-bye.

ce9465492e2bdc09d27ce578a0d4089dAcne Cure — wash your face with green tea (preferably not scalding hot) to reduce swelling of acne.

hf_stinky_feetStinky Feet — naturally remove foot odor by soaking your feet in strong tea for 20 minutes each day. Not only is it relaxing, but also an effective way to reduce stinky feet syndrome.

image001Meat Tenderizer — marinate tough meat in black tea to make it tender before cooking.

Jan10_2013_14481313_MosquitoOnSkin_GMOmosquitoes_II6718826242Mosquito Repellent — instead of dousing yourself in bug spray chemicals, light a few bowls of tealeaves when you’re enjoying time outside on the patio. The smell is a natural repellent for the nasty little biters.

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