From the President - In like a Lion, out like a Lamb!

Isn’t that what they say about March? I know we blogged last week about the winter that is making records – so let’s hope the quote is true!

espresso cup

In the meantime…if we are not in the south seeking warmth, there is always “hot” beverages. And we do know how to help with that.

why-service-ideasSo why Service Ideas servers instead of all the other options…they are all the same, right? We want to change that line of thought and are working to fill our product line with products that offers differentiators and value. Some of these differentiators include certifications (like NSF®, ETL, BPA Free, etc.), warranties (1-5 Years Against Manufacturer Defects), replacement parts, dishwasher safe options, reinforced lid hinges, laser etching on body and other clean identification options, controlled flow pour, quarter turn lids, and the ability to personalize it to make it yours…we can go on...and that’s just coffee.

tea beauty

If you are a tea drinker, brew it with our new options from our partner Finum® — loose leaf tea in your own filter and cup, enhancing presentation and offering optimal flavor. Along with our tea ball, a top seller, and specially designed ceramic tea pots with infuser baskets that do not over steep, which helps to eliminate mess & waste.

Don’t forget hot chocolate – how about finely shaved chocolate, hot milk/cream, plunged together in our presses!! Delicious!

Sight Glass AirpotWe don't just stop at servers: we have airpots, too and offer the most extensive line of styles, sizes and again, features.

Need to view the content level from across the room, replace a collar after the lid hinge breaks, build your airpot from the inside out to meet your own needs? We got you covered! Finish the setting by accessorizing it – the perfect rack, drip tray, ID methods, cover-ups, condiment organizers…do we need to continue?!

I am hoping you are getting the idea: servers and airpots are not all created equal, which is why — We. Service. Ideas.

Stay warm from the inside out and may the month bring a change of winds and weather.


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