From the President - A Reason To Slow Down

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How can it possibly be “this” time of the year already?! It is so cliché to say days just keep going by faster and faster, but it feels so true. And here we are entering into the holidays, wrapping up the year and planning for the next.

My blogs are tending to flow with the calendar, and because it just may be my favorite holiday, your indulgence is appreciated. It is fairly easy for me to explain why I love Thanksgiving so much: it is the simplicity, the reason for celebrating, the rituals of the day. Is there much in life more real than a day meant to focus on spending time with family and friends over a bountiful meal; taking a break from all the busyness of every day to reflect on the abundance we have and maybe don’t acknowledge as we go about our demanding life?

pumpkin pieMy family and I make it a full day for feasting — of course it could be our life revolves around food and entertaining, too. There are the recipes I must serve and not alter — but I always mix in a couple of new ones, given the opportunity to indulge my fondness for cooking. I am still searching for that sweet potato recipe that is the keeper: do you have a menu specialty?

We also take advantage of the time to just relax and do nothing, in addition to giving way to the traditions of watching the parade, football games and maybe a holiday classic that evening. Are you able to keep your devices off and not answer any emails?

Of course the reason for the day is gratitude: celebrating abundance in our lives. In respect of this tradition, I do spend moments in the day creating the list, mentally or written, of all I am so thankful to have. It is amazing how many blessings, from the obvious — health, relationships, success — to the treasures — smell of the turkey cooking, my granddaughters smile, sitting by the fire all cozy. More than I am able to count – what is on your list?

Since this a business blog, in the spirit of the holiday and our company, I will not be remiss (and perhaps a bit repetitive) in sharing that you are on my list – with gratitude to you, our valued customers, respected business partners, this industry we are so lucky to be a part of, the team I am privileged to work with, the accomplishments blessing us, many opportunities ahead and so much more...

We. Service. Ideas.

May your Thanksgiving Day overflow with bounty and warm memories!


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