From Our President

Thought I would carry on the theme of the yearly calendar…can you believe it is November?  I am thinking – how appropriate in a year that seems to be moving so quickly, it is time to celebrate a holiday that gives us the opportunity to STOP, SLOW DOWN and be PRESENT.

Of all the wonderful occasions we get to enjoy throughout the year, I have to admit Thanksgiving just may top them all for me because it has historically been a simple day about the gifts of gratitude, abundance, and time with family & friends.  No distractions, just counting blessings, good food and times with those you care about.

STOP – what are you grateful for this year, this day? Take just 10 minutes, write the list, go beyond the health, family, work, food, shelter, etc. – and add a few simplicities from every day.

“Watching our child/grandchild participate in their chosen activity”

“The smell of a good cup of coffee”

“How beautiful the leaf change is this year”

SLOW DOWN – in today’s foodie world, are you the chef or a diner - taking the time to carefully prepare those favorite recipes or truly appreciative of the attention someone put into serving that tasteful dish? What is the traditional must have at your Thanksgiving feast? Of course, there are the staples, but with my family… if I do not have Sausage Dip - I am in trouble!  Recipe below if intrigued, please share yours.

Sausage Dip = 1# ground hamburger, 1# ground sausage, sautéed chopped garlic cloves, 1# cubed American cheese; put all in crock pot and stir until blended, seasoned with pepper and oregano to taste; serve w/ Fritos

PRESENT – with our over stimulated 24/7 culture, hoping you may savor Thanksgiving as an opportunity to be solely in the moment. Pass the football in the yard, hold hands as you say grace, retell the stories from years past, watch that favorite holiday movie as a group, and create a new memory from your time together this year. There is nowhere else you have to be, is there?

So I would be remiss if I did not extend sincere gratitude for the blessings Service Ideas is remembering this year… a talented, hardworking team internally and externally; the allegiance from partnerships with our customers, reps and factories; new relationships and opportunities, sales success, industry growth…inspiring conversations with candor, safe travels, breakfast Fridays…of course so much more!!! Our heartfelt wishes to you all for an enjoyable Thanksgiving filled with abundance!


  • Yum... we make stuffed peppers too.. Italian peppers.. sometimes I slice them longways and grill them and sometimes I just stuff them whole like you did.. Its one of our favorite ways to use sausage.. We mix pecorino with the sausage and a whole lot of Italian dressing, stuff and let rest in the frig an hour or two.. (or overnight) and then grill or bake & broil.. Pure heaven!

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