From Our President - I'd Rather Be Fishing!

Image courtesy of Justin Simonson

One of the most special reasons to live in Minnesota is the changing of the seasons, and we were very ready for the summer! If you have ever visited our state you may be awed by our crazy passion for the outdoors – have you heard about our lakes, rivers, Up North? Any activity involving water and we are there – from simply using the lake as a place for our exercise, spending time on our boat or maybe fishing the elusive walleye.

The famous "Minnesota Walleye" The famous "Minnesota Walleye"

So to tie into the spirit of fishing – may we bait you with our story, patiently troll while you consider us and enjoy the sense of accomplishment for reeling you in. It is suggested to me that I like to “romance” our history – which started at our restaurant, Murray’s.

Front sign of Murray's Restaurant in Downtown Minneapolis Front sign of Murray's Restaurant in Downtown Minneapolis

Grandpa was an innovator or “problem solver” – creating products to improve service, enhance presentation, maintain the integrity of the food or beverage. This allows us the unique perspective of seeing the industry first hand as we are you — the customer — using our products.

We know it may take different lures to get your attention (breadth of lines, range of value, differentiators that set us apart). As a result, we invest continually in our company core principles (service, quality, integrity) that define us and actively pursue products that provide solutions (Original Thermo-Plate™, Flame Free™ Thermo-Urn™, Customization and on).

A Tribute To Minnesota's Walleye Fishing Lake Kabetogama

Just like with the walleye, it may take multiple casts to get a nibble and set the hook. We enjoy the challenge to net the catch: big or small… Why? - We.Service.Ideas.

Wishing you a summer balanced with your favorite activities.


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