From Our President...Happy Birthday U.S.A.

Happy Birthday USA!
As we approach the Fourth of July week-end, how do you celebrate? Perhaps you are already on vacation with family/friends or maybe you like to stay home and do the local events; parades, barbeques, beach it. Do you plan something special or is it just a day off? Do you dress in red/white/blue, decorate and make sure to raise the American flag? I have always enjoyed and celebrated this special day with family/friends – love the fireworks, just like my dad did!

Enjoy the fireworks! Enjoy the fireworks!

Though I consider myself patriotic, the significance of this day didn’t really resound within me until my son was deployed a couple years ago. Being a part of the approximate 1-2% that represent the various military organizations and their families, who give of themselves to protect and honor the freedom this birthday tributes, truly sheds a mixture of emotions on a holiday perhaps too many take for granted. (As well as the singing of the “Star Spangled Banner” and “God Bless America”, I tear up every time now.) We may all have our opinions about our country, where we are today compared to where we started or where we want to be but as the day suggests – let’s this year, like no other, remember, revel and be really grateful! For me amongst many things, I will appreciate we are free as individuals and that I am part of a family business with entrepreneurial roots, owned/operated by women in the 3rd generation, that continues to have countless ways to pursue “the American Dream”.


I will proudly wear my flag pin (and dress in something red, white, blue) and our flag at home will wave in the winds as it does every day. What blessings will you count and celebrate? We.Service.Ideas. and we are proud to be in the U.S.A.
Enjoy your 4th!


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