Big 2014 Catalog News

Blog Reveal_2You’ve waited patiently for it, and your patience is about to be rewarded because our brand spanking new 2014 catalog is now available! Don't miss out on this seasons' hottest accessory. Here are just a few things to look out for with this years catalog:

  • Long Descriptions: we have more detailed descriptions with each of our products to call out unique feature sets


  • Highlights: we “highlight” certain words and terms to call out even more features we want to make sure you pick up on for each item
  • Twitter #Hashtag: half the pages contain a #hashtag call out for you to use to let us know which “Ideas” you like best, or ones you’ve come up with as a result of the new look (#SIIDEABOOK)


  • Cups Icon: next to our airpots and carafes we have a cup icon to let you know how many 8 oz cups you can get with each one


  • Capacities: we list both Liters and Ounces for all of our products that hold food & beverage
  • Customization Methods: learn different ways that we allow you to customize your product
  • Partnership Feature: call out pages for each of our partnerships, including a special call out for Alfi®'s 100 Year Anniversary

What are you most excited to check out in this years catalog? Let us know by commenting on this blog post, or catch us on Twitter on our #hashtag feed #SIIDEABOOK. Want us to send you a copy of the 2014 catalog in the mail? Tweet us at the hashtag above, leave a comment below or shoot us an e-mail and we’ll get one out to you right away. Looking for a downloadable PDF version of the catalog? You can view it on our website or by clicking the following link: 2014 Catalog PDF. Blog Reveal_1

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