A team, company to honor!

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With my mind swimming from another busy day (juggling opportunities, tasks, appointments, etc…I’m sure you all know what I mean), I am wondering just what to blog about?! And then I thought about how Labor Day weekend is like a “mid-year” New Years – a chance to stop, evaluate and plan (like going back to school, grown-up style).

How is your year going? Can you believe we are closing the 3rd quarter already? Are you on plan? Is your strategy providing desired results? And personally – if you’ve set goals, where do you stand against them? There is still time and congrats to all on successes you are enjoying!

According to the Service Ideas team – we are measuring in the “B” range…not too bad, with room to close the year with an A+. So just what am I blogging about? This blog is a tribute to the team I am blessed to be working with and to achieving our plans, because of their focus and efforts.

It is the people at our company that define our values of integrity, service and quality. It is our team that executes despite challenges that could set us back. And it is the character of every individual that chooses Service Ideas as the place they dedicate the majority of their day to–creating the life they want—that I want to reflect on…and honor. Thank you all for delivering according to plan. But let me warn you…we will go above and beyond. Plenty left in our strategic outline to get everyone quoting… “We.Service.Ideas.“

Happy September, kick off to a New Year!


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